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Let's talk about Travis Barker

Travis Barker is one of the most famous and hard working drummers in the world.

He is playing multi styles such as punk rock, hip hop, and marching.

His characteristics are that he is incredibly fast, heavy, he has unbelievable endurance and he has phenomenal precission.

Travis Barker had played the drums for 'Blink 182' which they have 29 Grammy nominations and 18 awards so far! He also played the drums for 'The Game', Machine Gun Kelly and many many more. He built a career that many drummers out there will be jealous to death!

Blink 182's famed drummer Travis Barker takes to the drums for his performance with Pitbull and Robin Thicke.

Photo: © Timothy Kuratek/CBS

It's a fact that when Blink 182 where looking for a new drummer he learned the beat of 20 songs in 45 minutes and he got the job!

It's also a fact that in school he used to play in a jazz band!

'I can play punk rock, and I love playing punk rock, but I was into every other style of music before I played punk rock'.

'Oh, I was super serious about practicing and rudiments, and still am. I still have all my books'.

'I practice every day, I warm up before I play'.

'A lot of people think that punk rock musicians don't know what they're doing'.

Photo: © Alex Reside

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Why did he change sticks part way through the song?

Alberto Christodoulou
Alberto Christodoulou
May 13, 2021
Replying to

The Stick rest in peace!

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