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How to register with the Student card


Step 1

*Request a confirmation email that says you are an active student at Performing Creations Drum Education.

Step 2

Click here to join TOTUM student card and register with your email or download TOTUM app.

Step 3

Choose TOTUM professionals and choose Performing Creations Drum Education as your school.

Step 4

Screenshot your verification email and upload  it to your TOTUM application. 

Step 5

Choose which student card suits you and enjoy the bennefits of being our student.

*Important: The above service is only available for active students. Please do not send request to join our student card  as you will not be approved otherwise!

+You will receive a FREE tastecard worth £40 with every registration.

Note: Performing Creations Drum Education does not make any profit from this action. This benefits our students, but it is also our way to say thank you for trusting our school all these years!

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