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How to Practice Drums When Short On Time

Usually when I am asking my students if they were practicing the answer I get back is

'I am sorry I didn't have the time!'

Today I am going to give you some easy tips to find ways to practice even when you don't have the time to do it!

You don't need always your instrument. Everyone is travelling during the week or working from the office or even watching tv.

1. Practice with your hands on your knees and legs on the floor while you are watching TV.

2. While you are travelling to your work by train or bus, listen to the metronome and practise with your hands on knees or even with your practice pad and drum sticks. Public transport is so noisy that you will bother no one, believe me!

3. At your work or school break take with you the music score you need to practice and read it instead of play it. This is one of the most effective practices you can do.

4. Schedule your week or day and practice in short sessions. Remember quality is better that quantity!

5. Adjust your practice pad on your treadmill and practice with your hands while you exercise.

Drumming is not just an instrument. Apply drumming is your life!

Written by Alberto Christodoulou

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