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Two Essential Books for Drummers

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

First book: Syncopation by Ted Reed

I think this is the book that changed my life when I was fifteen year old and my teacher gave it to me. Syncopation is written in so much simple way by Ted Reed which is very easy to use it and learn the technique of drums, the values and also how to read music and do sight reading.

Since I was fifteen I have this book always in my bag and it is always useful.

There are many ways to use the book and it is part of my teaching style.

I believe that Syncopation must be practiced before we talk about drumming.

Second book: Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone

This is the book that inspired so many drummers to develop and master their hand technique.

Drumming technique is based on the snare drum rudiments.

In this book you can practice all the variations of sticking and build strong hands. In fact some of the most legendary drummers on the planet practiced Stick Control.

by Alberto Christodoulou

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